If someone has been trying to get pregnant for quite some time, they may want to explore options in obtaining infertility treatments. There are several options available to a couple who has been having difficulty conceiving. Here are some of the infertility treatment options available that a person may wish to consider if they are having trouble getting pregnant themselves.

When a woman suffers from Fallopian tube damage, is of a high maternal age leading to irregular cycles, endometriosis or unexplained fertility troubles, invitro-fertilization may be an option. The egg is extracted from the woman’s body and the sperm of the male is injected into it in a laboratory. The embryo (or more than one, if possible) will be transplanted into the uterus to see if a pregnancy is sustained. This procedure can be done with donor eggs or sperm if needed. It is often the route someone with male infertility problems to try as well. The sperm is retrieved and a healthy one is used to inject into the egg. This often has favorable results and allows men who have a low sperm count to have a better chance in impregnating their partners. The ivf costs may be covered by insurance in some instances.

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If a doctor finds that the woman has difficulty conceiving because of irregular ovulation patterns, she can be given medication to induce a more normal ovulation schedule. Often, this is done in conjunction with the use of ovulation predictor tests, temperature taking, and cervical mucous checking. These natural fertility methods, along with the medication to jump start ovulation, may help a couple with their pregnancy achievements. Some couples will give artificial insemination a try to get pregnant if the sperm is not of high quality. It is washed and concentrated and then placed in the woman’s uterus to maximize the chances of a pregnancy

If a couple finds that egg or sperm quality is making it difficult to get pregnant, a donor for either can be used. Many couples will try this method as it will improve the chances of a pregnancy. If this does not work, adoption or using a surrogate are other options that may allow them to become parents.

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